Anyone for Badders?

You just never know what you’ll see do you?

This young Crow grabbed a shuttlecock that had been left out by my neighbours young lad.  It dropped it, then flew down to pick it up, but because it dropped it one side when it flew back up to it’s chosen perch it was facing the other way and of course when it dropped the shuttlecock again, it fell the other side.  It must have repeated it a dozen times – very comical. I’ve heard that people play themselves at chess – but badmington??

As with all these things is was a bit of dilemma – do I watch or grab my camera, knowing 9 times out of 10 going for the camera would mean whatever it was I was watching would stop or disappear. (you know how it is). This time I was lucky but a camcorder might have been a better tool!



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