The castle in the background is one of the UK’s National Trust properties and is perhaps one of the most photographed places on the Northumberland coast, which is on the east coas of Englandt. It’s what we English refer to as ‘Up North’, i.e. the north of England, which doesn’t mean Scotland, another country altogether.

Now I have a fair number of ‘standard’ pics of this place, and people are always looking for a new angle to be a bit different – so how could I resist this one?  (I didn’t build the sand castle I will admit.)  As you can tell from the length of the shadows, this was taken in late evening.  As this particular spot where the sand castle had been built would be within the tide line, there would have been no opportunity for a return visit!

I couldn’t easily work a stronger composition because of periphery bits and pieces which tended to interfere in some way – but I’m pleased how this juxtaposition worked out.

With acknowlegment to the castle builders.


ps – it’s interesting that seeing one of your photographs in a slightly different context, an obvious alternative comes to mind.  In this paticular photo, I think I should have tried a lower shooting position, (though I don’t think I was dressed for it at the time).  A lower shooting angle would have brought the two castles closer together.  I’ve tried to simulate that in the following image – I’ve whipped a bit out of the middle of the frame, which I don’t think would stand up in a larger version (texture changes and all that which are not apparent on this small version).




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