Goodyear Dirigible

Yesterday, there I was, doing some gentle tidying in the back garden, when something caught my eye in the distance.  At first I thought it was one of those advertising balloons often seen flown from garage forecourts – a mini airship.   Well the object got larger and larger as it came towards me, at last I could make out the word ‘Goodyear’ on the side of what was obviously an airship.

It continued in my direction and flew right over my head and house and then  proceeded  to fly about over our town.  I took a number of photographs, but once you have one picture how many more do you need?

How many?  Well one more but I didn’t quite get what I wanted – I noticed the moon was just visible in the sky and felt it would be a good shot if I could get the airship and the moon in the same frame.   Unfortunately, despite the airship flying backwards and forwards and up and down, it didn’t quite come together.  This shot was the best I could get.  I’m sure with a bit of photoshop magic and maybe even a seperate picture of the moon I could concoct something, but maybe that will be shelved until the winter nights.



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