Artist at Work

I watched this guy for a few minutes – well I was aware of him for a few minutes.  Initially,  I thought he was a bit of a pain as he was in my way – and it didn’t look as if he was going to move out of the way any time soon.  Well in my usual spirit of ‘go with the flow’ I thought I might as well have him in the shot.

I noticed his hand going up and down every few seconds and realised he was measuring using his pencil.  I’m sure you can appreciate that with his arm down he would be almost a blob in the frame, but with the raised arm it becomes obvious what he’s doing – the hat helps, very ‘arty’ not a baseball cap at least.   Very ‘English’ perhaps, if you subscribe to such notions.

This is shot on 35mm black and white film and scanned for work on the pc.


8 thoughts on “Artist at Work

  1. I took a similar picture a wee while ago, where I waited for ages for a guy to move out of the way. He didn’t, I took it anyway, and then realized that the picture was actually better for having him in it. I will blog it tomorrow.

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