Acer in the Rain

I was waiting for my daughter to come out of work – or at least work experience (part of her ‘A’ – level study requirement) and it was raining quite heavily.  It seemed an ideal opportunity to try some ‘wet window’ shots.  This one was about the best I could manage.  But it got me thinking.

One of the main problems with doing wet window shots is that it’s invariably dull and miserable, certainly is in this part of the world.  So how difficult would it be, (I like minimum effort at the best of times!), to conjur up a bright sunny day behind a wet rainy window.

This is the result of some work in my back garden on a bright sunny day.

Piece of picture glass held by one edge in one of those DIY portable workbenches (Workmate?), a garden hose with a sprinkler attachment, and camera on a tripod with a remote release.

First consideration is the water has to be running all the time, otherwise you have just water droplets – which looks okay but not quite the same thing.  Having too much water falling down the glass just gives blurry ‘normal view’ pictures, not the casual distortion shown here.

While I have to think of another way of supporting the glass (the bench is a little too cumbersome), I can probably work  something similar with a couple of light lighting stands, I can’t see any real reason why something similar couldn’t be achieved ‘in the field’ with a watering can.  Hopefully with a more exciting subject.


SAFETY NOTE – Picture glass is not really the thing to use it’s far to thin and fragile, for my experimentation that’s all I had to hand.  A piece of safety glass would be more appropriate.


8 thoughts on “Acer in the Rain

  1. Hi, love the idea – I have been wondered if I could do something similar with frost! some thoughts on your experiment/playtime – you might find a used building materials shop – a place that sells old windows in a medal frame,or something light like a clear shower curtain stretched between the light stands.
    Imagine “playing” in the front yard where your neighbors, who are out walking the dog can contribute to the scene, and, of course, wonder if you are off your rocker!
    Good luck! I am going to follow along and see what else you might come up with.

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