I’m not sure if these are Black-tailed Godwits or Bar-tailed Godwits, but suspect it’s the former.

I’m not into the heavy manipulation side of photography, however, this particular image was what you might call a ‘recovery job’.  The original image was badly underexposed and the composition was poor – so had a play and came up with this.  A bit like those porcelain flying ducks people used to have on their walls – perhaps that was my inspiration.



9 thoughts on “Godwits

  1. Sometimes recovery photos are still ones that take your breath away. I love how clean it is. nothing distracting from the birds in flight. The bit of water at the bottom anchors it wonderfully. I can see this being an amazing photo as art in all sorts of rooms.

    • Thank you. In fact, no – well only insofar dropping it to black and white and bit of cropping. I’d recently had an evening with a small group of like minded people who come together once a month. One of the group presented some preliminary work on tree silhouettes. As I was walking by the river a week or so later, I was mulling it over in my mind whether it was worth taking my long lens out at dusk and later as there wasn’t really enough light to shoot – click – penny drops the river is a great background if you want a silhouette because exposing for the light off the river (the sky is usually quite bright, just not enough light to photograph with). Rounded a small group of bushy trees and the kingfisher was silhouetted against the river! Jammy or what. Had time enough for two quick shots before it was away.

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