St Benets Abbey, Norfolk England

I saw this yacht coming up the river as I paused to take a picture of the Abbey.  Was it going to come up this far, it could easily turn round and return?  Would it pass ‘advantageously’?  I decided to wait and see.

My camera was a Rolleiflex SL66 with the standard fixed 80mm lens with colour slide film (hence the edging), so it wasn’t a question of banging off a number of frames.  Wait. Wait. Wait.  Kerlunk as I fired the shutter.

Unfortunately, the sail hadn’t quite filled from his tack/gybe, however, I was pretty pleased with the result.



11 thoughts on “St Benets Abbey, Norfolk England

  1. Hi Stephen, it’s Stephen here. I think this is a Japonica class sailing boat, I was on one about 40 years ago. It wasn’t the last word in sailing finesse, but somewhere I too have a picture of one of these on my blog – although I have no idea where. A week on one of these with a handful of mates? FANTASTIC.

    • Hi Stephen. I see you’ve given my blog a pasting, thanks, And thanks also for filling in a piece of information I’d been wondering about for some time. As St Benets Abbey is in the area of the Norfolk Broads I presumed it was some sort of Broad’s sailing boat – and now I know what it is! Cheers

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