Flaming Sky

Okay, I’ve no doubt that many of you have sunsets that are to die for but one day when I left the supermarket, I looked behind me and saw this lot. Goodness – what to do?

Stay where I was, or make a dash down the road to a field where I knew an old oak tree stood – if there’s one thing you need for a good sunset to be effective it is a good foreground (usually a silhouette).  Oak tree or Sainsbury’s … and we all know how long the best bit of a sunset can last – just a few minutes!  Make the dash….

I managed to get there before the colour was lost completely.  But try as I might I just couldn’t get the angle for all the tree – the trunk has considerable girth.  This is about the best I could achieve.

In hindsight, and the cold light of day, I should have stayed at Sainsbury’s and used reflections from the cars etc. but there we go….. the excitement was great at the time, trying to think sanely instead of manically, knowing time was of the essence – I’m sure you’ve all been there.

What I didnt mention was the shot was taken on slide film in my Canon 30 with a 24-70 zoom – it wasn’t really wide enough, even at full frame. But on the end of the frame were a number of shots I tried to take with another weather phenomenon, i.e. a rainbow.  This was about the best of the set.



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