After the Storm


medium format, scanned neg. sepia toned in ps

14 thoughts on “After the Storm

    • I got into photography because I wasn’t any good at film photography and I didn’t have the facillities. Digital is clean, quick and rewarding – but can be as complicated as you like, but it can also give you pictures right out of the camera, which film could never do. I now love doing film and it would consume all my time if I allowed it.

      • I used to have a dark room and spent ages in it. I loved the work but hated the isolation… on a sunny day, scooped up in a dark, much too warm place… and then put sunglasses on before you come out and still end up squinting… It is kind of nicer to sit at my computer with the window opened and the birds singing outside… But also the possibility to work with color in a serious way has won me over to digital photography.

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