Sheep Skull

I suddenly remembered I had this image kicking about and thought it might be an interesting addition to my two sheep posts. In fact it was taken within 20 yards of where I took the ‘white faced sheep’ shots the other day, but this a couple of years ago.  The skull was in the same location at least a couple of years before this was taken too.


ps. It works quite well in black and white too.  The tree was deliberately composed in the background to fill space which would have been just a grey space, especially in the black and white version. 

11 thoughts on “Sheep Skull

  1. I’ve two sheep skulls in the garden, Christmas tree baubles just fit the eye sockets perfectly! This may, or may not make me sound a little odd. Not to worry (but it did startle the postman at first!) At school our art teacher often had us drawing and painting skulls, I have an affection for them ever since.
    Mummified Mole

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