An early experiment.  Taken with my Panasonic bridge camera.



19 thoughts on “Drop

      • Ah – the camera I used was a panasonic fz20 with a 36-432 (equiv) f2.8 lens. If you’re talking about an efs 18-55mm you must have a dslr?
        Quote from dpreview “The FZ20 has a rather unusual approach to macro focusing. There is no macro button, and in A, S and M modes the full focus range (from 5cm to infinity at the wide end of the zoom) is available all the time, whereas in P (fully automatic) mode you can only focus down to 30cm; presumably to speed up focusing in everyday snap shooting situations. Then there is a separate macro mode (on the main mode dial) that offers fully automatic exposure – just like the P mode – but focuses down to 5cm (again at the wide end of the zoom). As is common in zoom cameras the FZ20’s macro capabilities are much better at the wide end of the zoom (5cm subject distance capturing an area around 43mm across), and there is inevitably some barrel distortion (and some color fringing). At the full 12x zoom position the close focus ability is less impressive – a subject distance of 200cm capturing an area around 12cm across, but there is no distortion at all. ” – so it’s pretty awesome.

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