Went for a walk by the river this afternoon with a long lens, in the hope of being able to photograph some bird life.  It was pretty windy and the river was obviously in flood – going through like a train because of all the rain we’ve had lately. It’s running off the hills further upstream.

Nothing doing apart from a young Chaffinch.  Tried to photograph grass and flowers, but it’s not easy with a 300mm lens fitted with 1.4 convertor.  Close focussing gives a depth of field that is so narrow it’s untrue.  But I quite liked this one so thought I’d post it.



17 thoughts on “Grass

    • As you can guess the ‘echoes’ were deliberate and, as far as I’m concerned, are what make the image what it is. In my adventures in photography, I’ve come to realise that the out of focus bits can be as important as the main subject.
      One reason I don’t have a macro lens is that I know I’d never put it down – too many possibilities for me to cope with!

  1. I, too, have fought the battle of shooting grass with a telephoto. Thank goodness film is cheap these days. I racked off 25 shots at a piece of grass highlighted by a ray of light early one morning. The grass won,

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