Done swimmin’?

I’m always intrigued by random ‘stuff’ that I see on my travels.  Very often it’s usually a case of ‘I should have taken a shot of that’ when I get home.  In this case, it took me about 20 paces to decide that I should take this picture.  (Hence the tripod in the background on the left – doh!)

Basically it’s a swimming armband – one of those things you put round kid’s arms to help them to gain confidence and learn to swim in the local swimming pool.   In this case, just why was it here?  This is a fairly busy road (fast 60mph job), there’s obviosly a bit of ‘fly away’ from passing garbage trucks and the like.   Did somebody get their first swimming certificate and throw away their armbands on the way home – like some learner driver throws away their ‘Ls’ when they pass their test?

I wouldn’t normally walk along this road, or roads like it but my route between too public footpaths through the surrounding countryside required it.



15 thoughts on “Done swimmin’?

      • Yep. Imagine trudging along a road that wasn’t on your map because the map was so old, being whooshed by big lorries, sweating like a pig with the effort of walking in scrub grass carrying an unwieldy tripod, with camera gear on your back – walking along and realising you really must stop to take picture of something you think you saw. A definite dump the tripod, wander back (strewth we have some rain storm here at the moment, I reckon I could lose my power at any time) – and scrabble around trying to get just the right angle – (oops lightning now) – and you will have some idea of the must do attitude at that particular moment. Cheers.

  1. I’m always amazed at the shoes and pants I find along the road. I don’t drive, and walking you get to see a lot! But more than once I’ve come across pairs of pants along the road…

    • I have, in my collection of images, a picture of a pair of pants (knickers) that had been placed on the top of a fence post in the countryside…. Another favourite is gloves, which kindly folk place in prominent positions in case the owner comes back for them.

  2. I like the idea of photographing debris and the things which we abandon by the side of the road. I once photographed a TV left on a street. It’s amazing the things people think it’s ok to just dump. I like the tripod it made me chuckle!

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