My local river is often swollen with water that has come off the hills further upstream, but recently we’ve had an uncommon amount of rain over a short period of time, so there is more water running through than we would normally expect for June – so much so it is drawing people down to have a look.  Me too!
A typical summer time level.

I was particularly intrigued by the shapes of the waves that were forming which were tending to break against the flow of the water – caused by a drop down a weir and the resulting eddies forcing their way back up stream (you would not want to fall in here today, you would not survive).

The riverside furniture always takes a bit of a battering.

Taken from the bridge across the river.

A litter bin.



35 thoughts on “Swollen

    • Thank you. Because of the colour of the water, which is down to peat particles, I think it looks like toffee. I’m not sure how long the height of the water will remain, but I’m plannning to revisit today for another collection of ‘sculptures’ if I get time.

  1. Where I live, I’m high enough to escape the floods…but the next town over has seen it’s floods and they can be devastating. I’ve seen the photos from past floods and they resemble yours… but those wave photos of yours are simply amazingly good!

    • I have the greatest sympathy for those who have had to undergoing such personal disaster as flooding and it seems slightly perverse to consider such things as remotely aesthetically pleasing, but I do think there’s room for further development of the idea. Thanks for commenting.

  2. A good eye for detail (but we knew that, no?)… And a very nice set of pictures, especially the contrast between the peaceful little waterfall and the raging torrent it has become.
    For some it is disaster as we in the Lowlands know only too well – but nature unchained is also vibrantly exhilirating sometimes…
    Thanks for sharing its changing faces.

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