Many are able to avail themselves of grand scenic vistas and spectacular geological features like waterfalls, but where I live we don’t have much like that – and if we do, it’s usually done to death so to speak.  For me, the intimate details in small streams can be quite charming and, in a photographic sense, as demanding as the ‘big stuff’.

This little scene is a point in case, I just loved the way the light was illuminating this small section of beck..


21 thoughts on “Stream

  1. Here in Oregon, we have a lot of incredible waterfalls, and I love making images of them. But you’re right, the smaller streams and even trickles of water can create captivating photographs when given the same treatment. The textures of moss, leaves, rocks and wood, the flow of the water and more all have the same effect on composition and the final image. Great stuff!

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