I could see this picture in my mind’s eye but getting it meant holding my camera above my head, against the wall and ‘guesstimating’ the right angle.   Other tourists were watching me and I could see they were intrigued about what I was doing as they couldn’t see what I was trying to do.  (I had to hold the camera against the wall to give some solidity and prevent camera shake as the exposure was down to 1.6 seconds).



22 thoughts on “Arches

  1. Hello Stephen. sorry to say I have missed your posts even though I was following. have now ticked the box. thanks for your recent visit and positives. It must be thrilling to enter these buildings and be so surprised! also love the previous post with the chairs (not) talking to each other.

  2. Nice shot. I’ve done the same thing in churches and cathedrals (and for other indoor shots in public places) and received the same kind of looks. They should be thankful I didn’t bring my tripod along for the ride…

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