Disused Lighthouse, Spurn,

Disused lighthouse, known as Smeaton Low Light, at Spurn Point, Kilnsea, East Yorkshire, England.  The lantern was removed and replaced by a water tank.




20 thoughts on “Disused Lighthouse, Spurn,

  1. How practical of them! It did strike me as looking a little odd for a lighthouse…. Here so many of them are no longer used… except those that have become tourist attractions.

  2. Class shot. Wonderful in monochrome Stephen.. the posts really add to the picture, drawing the eye in to the lighthouse and great that the lighthouse is being reused.
    I was a little distracted by the dark line on the horizon so covered it with paper making the photo square so the larger post is in the bottom right corner and that works too..

    • Yep, I see your point. I think a square crop would work well.
      I read somewhere that care needs to be taken not to make tall single tower objects look too phallic, so try I try to put other elements in the picture, put the lighthouse off centre and think about other ways I can reduce that effect. Your square format idea would sort it too.
      I have a few others of more or less the same set up, one in portrait format with the larger right hand post in the foreground, leading through the second up to the lighthouse – but that one doesn’t have the same ‘boundless sky’ effect of this one and the other landscape format ones.
      Thanks for your feedback, I’m always grateful for such comments.

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