Musée National De Préhistoire

One of my background interests is archaeology, probably prompted in part by Tony Robinson and his ‘Time Team’ TV programme.  In particular, I’m interested in artistic output, one of the reasons I visit churches so much perhaps.  Anyway, near where we were staying in France is the Vézère Valley, which is famous for it’s prehistoric sites which show activity of Man (Homo various).

I didn’t do any real research before I went, having planned to ‘wing it’ when I arrived – it was our first visit to France and the idea was to suss whether the French and us were compatible at a holidaying level and we only had a week.  Anyway, it’s clear that to ‘do’ the valley properly we’d need a bit more than a week – especially if we want to enjoy the other delights France has to offer too!

As part of our exploration we managed to visit the Musée National De Préhistoire.  Which has a considerable collection of prehistoric artefacts that have been found at various sites in the valley.  They have examples that to back 580,000 years  – yes, that is 580,000 years! If you’re in France and anywhere near the Musée National De Préhistoire then I recommend a visit (it’s free too!)

I’ve included photos I took of three examples of art which were particularly stand-out (a lot less than 580,000 years I know, but older than 5,000 years I guess – no, I didn’t note the date).

Photography is allowed but without flash.  I had to hold my camera to the glass of the upright cases and rely on longish shutter speeds to use the exhibition lighting.



6 thoughts on “Musée National De Préhistoire

  1. Sounds like a place to put on the list. These are beautiful pieces. The simple shape of the first one (stone?) but still such detail included – the animal seems to be eating some leaves. Did you stay in a town in the Vezere valley?

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