27 thoughts on “Inviting

  1. I love this image, it took a minute or so to figure out the source of your beautiful pattern, I think I have figured it out, but will leave it for others to guess! I believe a great photo is one that tells a story, or makes the view look at the world a little closer or differently! you have, at least in my humble opinion a great photo! I am enjoying following your blog, and see the world through your eyes, thanks.

    • Thanks.
      Actually, I’ll admit it wasn’t so much well seen as well prepared. I was fortunate to have a small private pool to play with and knew the effect I wanted. The problem was to get the right agitation to develop the right pattern without eddies, cresting waves or other such disturbance.

    • Thanks Lynne.
      The original was a grid before distortion if that helps – so a line starting at the top must finish at the bottom and same for left to right – they just vary in thickness along their length. …. mmmm I’ll leave it with you! 😉

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