Great Crested Grebe (Juvenile)

Taken a couple of weeks ago, one evening when it was very overcast and raining.  Hatched this year and now learning it’s art and feeding for the winter, this is the best I managed on the night and as a consequence the best shot I have of one of a Great Crested Grebe.  They aren’t common locally to me, but are one of my favourite British birds.

This one is okay for the web but not worth printing out, the quality is not there and I’m short of pixels.  Still, I liked the way it’s head was picked out against the dark area (sheer luck I assure you!).


6 thoughts on “Great Crested Grebe (Juvenile)

  1. It’s quite different than the grebe’s we have around here (US)… Some people call the Pied-billed Grebe a “Water Witch” because of the way it dives and seems to disappear only to suddenly appear some unexpercted place quite a bit later. Does this one do that disappearing act too?

    • Absolutely. The trick is to spot one in the distance and wait for them to dive and quickly go along the bank to get nearer, stopping still before they come up again and then repeating this to get as close as the bank will allow you.
      We occasionally get Pied-billed Grebes reach the UK by mistake.

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