16 thoughts on “In Memoriam – of a Mother’s Son

  1. This photo reminds me of the ancient meaning of the word “meadow”… Sorrow, bloodsoaked, battle scarred places seeming so peaceful where the grass continually grows. I don’t know if you’ve heard the news of what has happened here in this country today, but this post seems appropriate… mourning for senselss loss… so many lost.

  2. There was a French singer by the name Mouloudji, sometime in the 50ies I think… of the time LPs had ‘stereo/mono’ on them and animals still spoke… He sang a song called ‘Comme un p’tit coquelicot’ (Like a little poppy)…

    A universal picture that will indeed touch something in a lot of people.

    • Interesting about Mouloudji. You may be aware, but we have our remember those who fell in conflict on ‘Remembrance Sunday’ – the closest to 11th November. By traditon we wear a single poppy on our lapel and ceremonies are held to place wreaths of poppies at the memorials that are in every village.

      • I did not know that… I don’t think there is such a tradition here in Belgium. Here there is the 11th of november but nothing else as far as I am aware.

        It seems to me a nice way of remembering people…

  3. This is quiet and lovely. We in the US wear poppies in our lapels on Veteran’s day. As child, I remember having always bought a handmade paper poppy from a veteran on that day. I’m not sure that it’s still traditional today. So many traditions have fallen away.

    • If anything there has been a resurgence of support for the wearing of poppies, prompted by the support of the nation for the people doing a difficult job in the current areas of conflict. Irrespective of whether people support our presence there, they respect the soldiers and the sacrifice they make.

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