Door to the Secret Garden

Some time ago I stuck my hand up at a local club auction and bought a couple of folding cameras.  One a “Baldix” with a 75mm f3.5 Ennagon lens and Prontor-S shutter.  As you’ll guess, with a 75mm lens it takes 120 film (6×6 – 2 1/4 square).  There’s a fair bit of rubbing to the coating on the lens but I think that will add to the quality of the photographs it will produce.

I’ve only had a chance to put a single film through, but this was my favourite.

Developed and then negative scanned and minimal wiggly bits in PS.

I’m considering doing a little project with this and the other camera, a Voightlander Bessa 1 but it takes a bit of impetus/get up and go to get the film and get on with it.


12 thoughts on “Door to the Secret Garden

  1. Hi, Stephen, I have a feeling that itch of yours will provide all the get up and go you need… It won’t let you sleep at night, and will wait for you in the morning… and as you try to do something else it will sing in the back of your head, “What about me? What about me?” … and so it goes with us who have found that marvelous thing that fascinates us. 🙂

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