Inspired by Karl Blossfeldt

Not quite up to the standard of Karl Blossfeldt – but I shall try to remember to have another crack at this approach to the seed heads of native wild plants later in the year.    Sorry can’t give you the name of this particular plant, but each of the spines on each of the seed heads has a hook – once they get there hooks into your socks…….

If you’re not familiar with his work I recommend a quick scan of the web.



13 thoughts on “Inspired by Karl Blossfeldt

  1. Oh how very interesting Stephen.. I had never heard of him before and Scilla visited my post ( which has a slightly weird monochrome poppies shot ) and she commented about this post so I whizzed over, googled Blossfledt. Extraordinary work espcially when you consider the tools he had at that time.. You photo is VERY close to what he did and impressive.

  2. Didn’t know Blossfeldt either… What a work of patience with all those details! And Wikipedia says something about his ‘(probably) self made wooden camera’… oops! It would be hard to make an exact copy of that. But yours could be a documentation in time, no? How different things come out all those years later… 😉

      • You really are a throwback to the ‘olden days’ of photography, aren’t you? 😉 You have all my respect! As some sort of self-appointed reporter of my little world I know I would never have the patience for what you are doing 😀

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