A few small baskets, an off-cut of carpet, a flashgun and a reflector.
To a certain extent the output has no specific purpose, but it’s a way of exploring how to light objects to best effect using limited tools.   It also tests my abilities with still life subjects, i.e. the bringing together of miscellaneous objects to create a pleasing arrangement, which I am most definitely not gifted in.

I was particularly pleased with this one. Although the arrangement is nothing to write home about, my objective was to ensure that none of the edges disappeared into the background.  I’ve successfully managed this I think.



15 thoughts on “Baskets

  1. The third one down works for me; I just like the atmosphere of that one, with the bit of “glow” coming through the top basket.

    Funny how we shutterbugs are constantly re-examining and returning to the fundamentals, always gleaning some new “aha!” moment.

    • Photography is about light and playing with it to light different subjects in a controlled relaxed way in our own space and time must be worthwhile. I liken it to the repetitive training that martial artists do – we shouldn’t need to think about technique when we’re on site, we should just create the image we envisage. ( well that’s the theory! 😉 )

  2. The third one is my favourite too. The nice thing about it is indeed that you can take your time, sleep over it even… one of the first things I went for at the Academy… not so limited resources there but still, you have to know how to use all that stuff. By the time I had finished the task, I was ready to start all over again – but then differently 🙂

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