No Exit

There I was, filling some time during the lunch break at a ‘Day School’, wandering the back streets, as you do, looking for interesting interplay between shadows and walls/objects,  when the shadows on the wall attracted my attention.  It was a couple of moments before I realised exactly what I was looking at.

I sure hope the door was a fire exit, though, as it’s an outward opening door, I suspect it was.  What I really liked was the provision of the shovel for any would-be rescuers to clear the way!



10 thoughts on “No Exit

  1. If it IS a fire exit, I sure hope there never is a fire in that building… 🙂

    But just out of curiosity – though on first sight it looks as if the ‘hill’ is all the way against the door and the wall, I can see a bit of shadow on the left side of it which makes me wonder if this is not the telezoom trick we have been talking about…(?) 😉

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