Grey Wagtail

I’ve always liked these little birds – similar to the White Wagtail I posted some time ago – but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of these very far from a fast running stream/river of some sort.

If you’re interested, the picture was taken in same place as the White Wagtail.


16 thoughts on “Grey Wagtail

  1. Now that’s a fine looking bird. I’m so glad you had a chance to catch it with it’s head turned toward you. That’s a fine piece of photography as well.

    • Thank you.
      As I pointed out to another blogger on another shot, I usually get what I can first and then start to take my time and wait for a reasonable pose/action. Better to get the bird than nothing, so this picture was towards the end of the brief period the bird stayed near enough to photograph.

  2. Grey Wagtails do indeed stay close to streams and fast moving rivers, Pied Wagtails seem to favour car parks, roof tops, and industrial estates. Did you know they have fascinating habits to help stay warm in the winter. Locally thousands descend upon Marsh Barton Ind. Estate in the winter, I have seen them in amongst Christmas Lights, and they will even “roost” on the slurry at sewage farms and take ti the wing every few seconds as the water treatment sprayers swing by every few seconds! Awesome.

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