Captain Cook

Captain Cook, well the back of his head anyway.  This memorial is at Whitby in North Yorkshire, England.  Resolution was the name of the ship of his second voyage.  In the background is St. Mary’s church and behind that is St. Hilda’s Abbey.

Between the statue and the church is a ravine which contains the fishing port itself.  The shot was taken with a longish lens to foreshorten the distance between the subjects.

Apparently, St Mary’s gave Bram Stoker inspiration for Dracula.  Every so often there is a ‘Goth’ weekend in the town.  Not been myself but many local photographers get along, and our local camera club competitions are usually littered with portraits taken there.

Now I’m writing this, I realise I really must get along there again some time, to do a proper job on the place.  It’s some 60miles from me but takes about 2 hours to get there – which is 4 hours dead time.



6 thoughts on “Captain Cook

  1. Nice one – again also in your header 🙂 And a nice example of how photos can play with reality…

    I can imagine that a Goth weekend would be highly photographable – but when I see a herd of photographers together, I usually go ‘gulp!’ Too much of a paparazzi feeling to it… 😦

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