18 thoughts on “Cathedral Cloister

  1. Hi steve, this is a lovely shot. Did you ask for permission to photograph inside the cathedral? Durham don’t allow it. although i have not been bold enough to ask plus it was really busy
    arty ange photo images

    • Thank you. I checked on the f-stop and to a certain extent couldn’t believe it. – f/2.8! My explanation for this is the very wide angle and the fact the camera had a relatively small sensor. (the camera, a bridge, has aperture range of f/2.8 – 8 and I have found that trying to deliberately reduce dof is almost impossible unless I’m at the longer end of the focal range). Also, reduction in size means an image becomes apparently sharper, so for presentation here, the image looks reasonably sharp.

  2. For ‘centres’, I tend to try to put them on third. Or if the detail warrants more of a straight down the barrel approach – (in this case, trying to move the ‘centre’ to the third would have lost the detail on the right or left – we can just about make out all the pillars on the right, any closer to the wall they would have tended to be lost and the texture there flatter) – I’ve started to put the centre of centre to give a more dynamic feel. Dead centre is balance, fixed, symmetry, lifeless, geometric (i.e, we tend to lose ourselves in patterns instead of looking at the detail). Well that’s my story for the moment, and I’m sticking to it, unless I come up with something else! 😉

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