10 thoughts on “Silver Birch

  1. That must be SOME wind to cause the tree to grow like that. I wonder how long it can hold on. Birch trees around here don’t age well, under that kind of stress. But I am always impressed when I see a tree make it in spite of the obstacles… It is surely encouraging to see them succeed.

  2. Good morning Stephen,
    Many thanks for your visit to my blog. I am glad that you enjoyed.
    You do some beautiful work. I really like the silver birch with it’s form and placement.
    Excellent capture!

    • On the rocks but presumably it’s roots take nourishment/moisture from cracks in the rocks. Next time I’m up there, I’ll try to remember to shinny up there and check it out – there may be another photo opportunity up there too! 😉
      I’ve posted another image of the same tree I took winter time last year.

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