9 thoughts on “Well Done, Nicola Adams!

  1. I never get to follow the Olympics much, but there is a sense of pride when one of our own wins…here in the US many of the athletes go into bankrutcy in order to support their desire to win for out country…. I also know that in England the athletes get no prize for their government either… so must fund everything as best they can. Some of the countries give their athletes a great deal of money if they bring back the gold.

    So you have every right to be very proud of Nicola and Katie. Thanks for sharing the good news. Congratulations to both young ladies.

  2. From a funding point of view, I don’t think it’s quite so bad for the elite athletes as I think they have their academies, but for the lesser sports, probably for our Nicola, they have to find sponsorship as best they can.
    I’ve no doubt, over the coming months each of the medallists will have their share of appearance money – meets, openings, etc.

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