Silver Birch – Pre-visited

Further to my previous post, I remembered I’d taken another shot last year, but at the end of the winter, which I’d chosen to convert to black and white.


30 thoughts on “Silver Birch – Pre-visited

  1. I prefer the prequel. It looks as if it is about to launch itself into the unknown. When I last lived in Britain I ripped out all the conifers and planted birches, alders and dogwood. Much nicer. 🙂 Your tree looks quite aristocratic.

    • Thank you.
      The colour version was taken last week as I was taking somebody out for a photographic session and was more of a snap and a demonstration of a ‘photographic opportunity’. I prefer deciduous trees every time, they have so much more character.

  2. The previous photo makes you doubt if the tree is on or among the rocks but this one clearly speaks of how strong life is in nature… a completely different feeling. How can a tree live on a rock and grow too?… I think I like this one better, really… 🙂

    • Better – by a mile. This one was a properly considered photo, the previous more of a snap – there were too many people around to get a proper uninterrupted view of the tree – the area is a popular ‘let’s take the kids out for the day’ spot. If you were into rock climbing, this is an ideal spot of a bit of ‘bouldering’, Gritstone, so there’s plenty of grip. Many of the rocks here are pockmarked with white marks, where the climbers have used chalk to help find there grip in the damp parts.

  3. The word this shot brings to my mind is severe – I’m feeling like the air there is thin and that there’s no more vegetation for miles/kilometers. Probably not at all what you had in mind…

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