Fenced Grass

I’m not sure this was particularly successful in the effect I was trying to achieve.  We see many motion blurred water shots (I take a fair few myself), I thought I’d try something similar with moving grass, of course the posts were included to give a solid presence – with the additional soft/hard contrast too.



14 thoughts on “Fenced Grass

  1. There are wheat fields near my home. In the mid of July, they were just like that. Two weeks ago, I looked at lots of rolls on the field. Yesterday, all have already gone.
    It is still warm and the sunshine is bright in the mid of the day, but I can certainly hear the steps of the autumn.

  2. Hmmm… Not an easy task you gave yourself there… 🙂 Maybe it needs a bit more solid presence around than just the posts? With water it also works best if you have some nice rocks as a contrasting feature. Or a lower point of view, like kneeling in the grass when you take the picture? Or both?… I would have to try, really, to be sure… Sorry for being so hard on you 😉

  3. I really like the idea behind this project in attempting to capture water-like ripples in the weeds, and I certainly enjoy the result! However, if I might venture a friendly suggestion: Another way to capture the effect that you were going after could have been achieved with minimal ambient light (at early dawn or dusk) and shooting the scene with the bulb setting, in other words, a long exposure.

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