21 thoughts on “Tomb

  1. I like this photo but it is really bugging me as I can’t seem to work out where the light is coming from. My guess: a small window just out of frame above and behind the tomb, slightly to the right.

    • 🙂 What is interesting about the tomb, which isn’t so obvious in this picture, is the quantity of graffiti (or at least the carving of initials) that has been added through the centuries. I have it in mind to photograph that specifically but as a living soul my time is limited.

    • Absolutely, I’m not a stone expert, but I believe the tombs are made of alabaster, so are relatively soft for carving. But you are correct in your impression of the craftsmanship, but it has suffered through the ages, with pieces knocked off, so simply surfaces rubbed away where people have had the impulse to run their hands over the sculptures.

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