17 thoughts on “Tower Block, Leeds.

  1. Buildings such as this are as odious as a toad on the nose of the great British lion. The fact that architects still subscribe to such foolish and uncreative notions is proof that modern architecture has become the red headed stepchild of secular industrial engineering and is just concerned with street function. These schools of thought have intentionally thrown any attempt at raising the spirit of people through the creation of beautiful buildings under the proverbial double decker bus. Outrageous.

    • 🙂 Well I think it’s great.
      (But I don’t live there)
      I’ve checked – you can buy a 1 bedroom flat for £110K ($175K) or you could rent a two bed for £750 ($1176). You wouldn’t need a car as it’s near the centre of Leeds and it’s regenerated area.
      I don’t believe the accommodation is designed for families but rather up and coming young professionals.

      • I fully appreciate that – indeed it is pleasing to receive a partisan response occasionally. If an ‘artsy fartsy’ photograph can’t illicit the occasional heart felt opinion, what good is it, apart from wall candy?
        I was referring to the building specifically, I like it. If I get round to it, I’ll check out some further images of Leeds buildings that I have and if they’re up to it I may put together a post.

  2. Architects ought to live in their buildings and perhaps then they would become fit for human habitation. Nevertheless the image is wonderful – clarity of lines and angle – works so well in mono.

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