Small Waterfall

I’m currently trying to rationalise some of the photo files on my hard drive, as I’m running out of space and my back-up drive is struggling for space too.  In a Folder marked ‘Waterfalls’ I have a few photographs that I took of this small fall not to far from me.  Trouble is I can’t remember where it is.  Somebody down the Camera Club will be able to sort me out with the location, but I thought it worthwhile posting it anyway.  Hope you like it.

The shutter speed was 1/10 second, which is about what I usually use for this type of thing.  f/22 in this case, but at ISO 200 which surprises me a little as I normally shoot at ISO100 for everything.  Still it is what it is.


8 thoughts on “Small Waterfall

    • Without wishing to sound condescending, the capabilities of a ‘decent’ camera are boundless, but like any tool, it relies on the user to wield it in such a way as to give the results the user is looking for.
      As you may have guessed, with a longish shutter speed I used a tripod. The lens I used was a 24-70mm zoom with a maximum aperture of f2.8 – the zoom was set at 63mm by the look of it, on a Canon 30D dslr (quite old now in relative terms but I’m still learning to use it so it’s difficult to justify spend on a newer version). You will notice there is very little sky in the shot, that’s because the sky was relatively bright compared to the area in which the waterfall was located, so framing out the sky meant I could up the exposure without fear of ruining the picture with a white sky, which would have been the result otherwise. Metering would have been from the camera’s (though I often use an exposure meter), The shot was a RAW file as opposed to .jpg, which meant I had some leeway to adjust the exposure in the ‘digital darkroom’ side of things.
      Cheers 😉

  1. My computer is fast running out of space too. So I sympathize with your having to make choices about what to keep. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to download some of it on a USB thing-a-ma-jig…(as you can see I’m not very literate when it comes to the lingo.)

    This is a lovely photo… and much like the waterfalls around here. I notice a second small wall in front of the high falls and wonder if it is some sort of foundation from something that’s been lost or if there is a reason for it? It’s a very interesting feature of this falls.

    • I can’t really help you on the fine detail. When the schools go back I’ll make an effort to revisit – once I can confirm where it is!
      Somewhere along the line I need to increase my disc space for both working drive and backup. But we’re talking in terms of terrabytes – but do I really really need that much space?

  2. Nice one 🙂 There is something unreal about this photo. The shrubs growing almost in the waterfall give the impression as if the wall behind it were a transparent screen and you’re looking at the woods behind it. You have to take a second and a third look and still wonder… 😉

  3. Hi Stephen,
    I love the sheeting of the water. Quite nice.
    I am in the experimental stage of manual mode. I only have 4 ISO levels on our Nikon, and have used all but the 1600 ISO. Experiment on; beautiful results often arrive!

    • My canon just seems to put too much noise into pictures at anything over IS0200.
      I’m sure you won’t have time or the inclination, but I found working through the ideas behind the Zone system really useful for understanding exposures – there’s plenty of references on the web.

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