This one from the same folder I found the last one.  But this time I know exactly where it is.  It’s in a small gully known as ‘Desolation Valley’ – which I think is a great name – very OTT, apparently it relates to some event at the end of the 19th century, but don’t quote me on it.  The waterfall is near a very popular Sunday afternoon beauty spot known as Bolton Abbey in North Yorkshire.

This one was taken with my bridge camera, a Panasonic Lumix, which my daughter tends to use now.



19 thoughts on “Waterfall

  1. Great spot for the shot. We have a waterfall that I’d give my eye teeth to shoot from this angle but I’d have to scale a ravine to get there… getting to old for that kind of thing. Very lovely shot here.

    • Thank you.
      The shot was taken in February a couple of years back and I remember getting wet knees for my trouble – for no other reason than I wanted to get my camera as low as possible. to get the rocks in the foreground and to lose as much as sky as possible.
      A solution to your shot might be to lower your camera on a suitable rope/monopod and use a remote trigger? It might take a few shots to get it right but you’d end up with a pretty unique shot?

    • The waterfall was from my FZ20 – super little camera. But the shutter lag wasn’t too helpful for wildlife photography, and many of the architectural shots that I took needed to be corrected for barrel distortion and horizons like the sea made it seem as if I was photographing the curvature of the earth. A normal person wouldn’t worry about it but…… 😉

  2. Hi Stephen,
    This is so lovely. I could actually imagining myself under the waterfall because of the high temps of the past days in France.
    My husband has a Coolpix bridge camera and is happy with it. Whatever makes one happy.
    Have a nice day 🙂

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