In the Forest


The stuff of imagination?

Originals taken with Rollei SL66 medium format camera on slide film.  In my naivety I scanned them with too high a dpi/ppi  and each file is over 600Mbytes, a wee bit too big to manipulate easily on my humble pc.


24 thoughts on “In the Forest

  1. “each file is over 600Mbytes, a wee bit too big to manipulate easily on my humble pc.”
    If your machine will open the files, down size them to a size that your machine can handle and you want for your output, then save the file as a duplicate ( I never overwrite my original scanned files).

    I think your images look good with the feel and the composition but do need a little bit more contrast.


    • Thanks Ben.
      It’s okay, I’ve sorted the specific problem, but when I came to ‘save for web’ on the original file it stopped my machine because I didn’t have enough memory! But as you can see, I’ve done it in the way you’ve suggested.
      As to contrast, that’s a weird one, they look okay on my monitor but lack something in the post. Having said that, they do have a certain quality (like looking through a dirty window!).
      Thanks for taking time out to comment, it’s very much appreciated.

  2. Beautiful! I love the rich greens in that incredible vegetation! And the faint yellows and slightly pulled-back blacks very much remind me of something ethereal or .magical’… it’s as if these are straight out of some kind of lost memory… or fairy tale! SO nice!

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