Silver Water

I’ve read a couple of posts, by fellow bloggers SpilledInkGuy’s Refrigerator Magnate and Light Scribed: Michael Stagg Photography, which reminded me of this particular shot.

I’d seen a picture in an old film ‘All about photography’ type book and it was always in the back of my mind to have a crack at something similar.  I would put if off, get distracted, convince myself I’d need some expensive lighting set up. etc. – the things that Michael reminds us of in his post.  And I eventually got round to it, it came down to making do with what I had to hand –  a single small hand flash, cardboard and patience – oh, and a exposure meter.

This is a single exposure, just some minor photoshop cleaning of bit’s of dust and a bit of sharpening.


67 thoughts on “Silver Water

  1. Thank you so very much for the mention, sir… that was incredibly kind of you!
    I feel a bit bad mentioned under such an impressive image, though… I suspect what I was working on at the time was nowhere near this complicated! Very, very impressive!

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