Thanks Again!

Just a quick note to say another ‘Thank you’ to everyone. 

Because of your continued interest in my blog, I have reached the second of my personal targets, far sooner than I expected.  To be honest, I’m not particularly interested in such things in the context of blogging, but I set myself a couple of gauge points just to monitor whether my posts were of interest.  

Again, I won’t share this target with you, because that’s when achievement becomes competitive, and, in my book, blogging shouldn’t be about competition. But I appreciate your interest  – without it I’m not sure it’s such a worthwhile activity.

Just to reiterate, I’m happy to take any comments/advice – whether it’s good news or bad.

Many many thanks.


20 thoughts on “Thanks Again!

  1. Well done Stephen! My blog was started as somewhere to keep a selection of photos that I could look back on and guage my photographic development (no pun intended). I was pleasantly surprised and a little baffled when people started following the blog but then I didn’t really understand the blogging thing. But being introduced to other peoples blogs I quickly found, and your blog is a good example, that in blogging I also had the opportunity to learn from others. This is the essence of blogging to me, not numbers. 🙂

  2. Congrats on meeting your goals. Its always satisfying to achieve something. 🙂 I only found your blog yesterday, but I like its simplicity, and how you focus on your photography. Your work is pretty darn good, too!

  3. Hi, Stephen, I’m with you about getting rid of competition… all that does is run us all off like mindless animals fighting over a bone never coming to that place within us where we find that well of creation. If blogging is good for anything I feel it should be for sharing what we’ve found there with others who may or may not have an interest in it… and may or may not be encouraged, or enlightened, or just plain entertained. But blogging has got to be secondary to what we are creating or it’s not much good for anything.

  4. I’m glad you reached another goal. Since I’ve come later to this endeavour, I was surprised that you had only been doing this for a number of months. It’s been fun to see your photos and have a connection with someone across the ocean.

  5. I admire the consistency in the quality of your work and the freshness of your approach. My problem with blogs is the sheer quantity of them I’d like to follow but realistically, if I added many more I wouldn’t be able to follow them all. Communication makes or breaks a blog.

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