26 thoughts on “Of The Earth

      • Greater definition, caused by the fact that the exposure happens 3 times and the best bits of each are merged onto one image. They can look unnatural, but vivid. Great for cityscapes though.

      • Ah! – you mean HDR.
        HDR – High Dynamic Range. It’s purpose is to compensate for the fact that camera sensors are unable to cope the dynamic range of light in front of them and monitors, and ink/paper isn’t able to present it (very often our eyes can’t cope with it either). HDR allows a compression of that dynamic range so it can be captured/presented. The skill is to quantify which parts to compress and which to open up, while still keeping some relationship with the original scene – although I fully accept that the objective can be independent of the original scene.
        HD is simply ‘High Definition’ – a marketing hype to indicate more pixels than before, hence HD TVs have more pixels on the screen than their predecessors. I guess the next hype will be Extra HD, then Super HD and probably Ultra HD after that.
        I have used HDR on the odd occasion, but have never been particularly happy with the results – I have in my mind the ‘look’ a photograph should have. HDR has a tendency to push things towards a CGI appearance – which many use in an artistic way – at the moment that’s not for me.

  1. It’s always amazing to me how trees can grow out of rock ledge… with seemingly little for them to sink their roots into… It’s also amazing to realize they can often split those boulders with their roots…. little by little and bit by bit… gnarly creatures for sure.

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