Impressions of an Abandoned Farm

A couple of years back my lad told me of some abandoned farm buildings near town – I didn’t need to give it a second thought before I was on my way down there.  A few months later the entire area was flattened as part of the widening of a major road that runs by.  A few images from that shoot….

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5 thoughts on “Impressions of an Abandoned Farm

  1. There appears to have been a fire in those buildings at one point. It reminds me of an old chicken coop that had been on the property we rented years ago. Although your photos show a much more extreme decay. That horse bucket with the spider web over it is a whole volume of stories.

    • Indeed, as does the carefully sharpened pencil hanging by a string. I also like the discarded Halloween mask – how that came to be there I don’t know, but I would want to have been wandering about there and have somebody jump out at me while they were wearing the mask.

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