I’ve always been envious of those people who have had the opportunity to get close enough to Seals to photograph them at a reasonable resolution.  This taken at the limit of the lens I had on the camera, but, hey, it’s my Seal.  I’m going to guess it’s a Common Seal (or Harbour Seal) as opposed our Grey Seal – but I’m open to correction.


35 thoughts on “Seal

  1. This is a lovely shot Stephen. When I was out in the bay yesterday we had a pod of porpoises (may have been dolphins) playing around the boat. I only had the point and shoot which was almost impossible to aim on zoom in bright sunlight. I had no idea when and where the porpoises were going to pop up next. I’d hear a puff of air, usually behind me of course and then they were gone. I only managed a couple of less than sharp pictures of dorsal fins. I’m envious of your seal shot.

  2. Scillies are a great place for Seal shots, on the boat trips you can get really close. Land based seal shooting is so much harder. My best effort came after 30 minutes and scores of duff shots up near Hickling Broad.

    • I suspect the pros spend a little more than 30 minutes. I’d guess they get to know the particular group of seals they intend to photograph, knowing the best state of tide to photograph and sit and wait for them – much in the way one would wait for the incoming tide to bring waders to you on the sea shore.

  3. You need to sing to them, or so I was told on the glorious Isle of Eigg, off the west coast of Scotland, as seals are curious creatures and will come close to investigate (the residents of Eigg have obviously never heard me sing!) I was also told that ‘grey seals go bananas’ that is, they lie on rocks in a distinctive curved pose, wit their tails lifted, common seals don’t.
    We saw otters too, scampering along the beach and one lying on it’s back in the surf, munching on a crab; it was pre my DSLR owning days… but I own the memory!

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