Don’t you just hate (1)

Don’t you just hate trying to print out a couple photos and finding your ink cartridge is dry and through your own incompetence realising you don’t have a spare.  

Of course, I won’t mention the ridiculous price of the ink cartridge will be when I send for it……… grrrrr.

30 thoughts on “Don’t you just hate (1)

  1. I have a Canon (multifunction) and it’s horrible… the scan is just awful and the cartridges cost as if they’re made of gold… Print quality is good but in general is the worst printer I’ve ever have. So I use my sister’s Epson, simply fantastic 🙂

  2. we always keep a spare and re-order when the one in the machine runs out. Besides home printing photos usually doesn’t work very well. Our best results usually come from a Canon Selphy, but on that you have to buy an ink/paper cartridge as one. The last pack is not working at all, very frustrating – do i buy a new er version or pop open the 2nd reserve pack and risk further failures?

  3. I know what you mean. I just ordered the toner and this time I needed the drum as well. My bill seemed to have multiplied several times since the last time I ordered. I was feeling very sorry for myself till I got a leak in the bathroom… and you have now idea what plumbers are charging now… at least the one who came to fix my leaky faucet. Hope I haven’t offended any plumbers here… I know we all have to make a living… It does not promise to get any better any time soon either.

  4. Mines a canon and gives plenty of warning but I hang on in there til the last drop and the levels are red, before I part with the exhorbitant asking price. Spoil the pic for a ha’porth of ink does not quite fit here 😉

  5. Back when I had a Lexmark printer in the 90’s, it got to the point where it was cheaper to purchase a new printer than it was to buy the ink cartridges. I have an HP and Epson, now. Neither print with the same quality as the Lexmark. What is it about HP’s that they just up and decide to uninstall themselves from the computer? I usually only use that one for the built in scanner, but have had to reinstall the drivers almost every time I go to use it!

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