One That Didn’t Work

I tried to put a small series of pictures together, which was intended to be a combination of demonstrating that ‘hoodies’ can be harmless youngsters and that implied threat can be drawn from innocuous activity, i.e. collecting conkers – an activity that requires throwing heavy lengths of stick into Horse Chestnut trees to knock the nuts down.Β  As I was photographing my model (my son) a gentleman came onto the path – the opportunity was obvious.Β Β  Fortunately, the walker’s alarm was not great as he realised I was taking photographs – on another occasion he might have turned heel and gone the other way!



17 thoughts on “One That Didn’t Work

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    • Yes, a bit like the masks of the old wild west or our highway men.
      In some quarters, fear of crime is seen as a bigger issue than crime itself. Fancy allowing ourselves to be so frightened of the potential of being attacked that we don’t go out, And in that very act of not going out, we raise the chances of being attacked when we do, as there will be fewer people on the streets.
      Of course, we need to be cognizant of specific geographical variations which might include ethnic/financial/religious tribalism factors. as well as community toleration of roguishness in our societies.

  2. As you said, each generation has its characteristics to irritate schools and parents πŸ™‚ In my younger days it was the long hair, the worn out jeans that provoked exactly the same reactions from the older generation… Then there was the punk stuff that drew funny looks… now its the hoodies… I’m in a way glad that the youth always finds a way to say ‘I’m not like you!’ I’d start getting worried if they wouldn’t, I think… πŸ˜‰

    • πŸ™‚ – I think that’s the problem over here. People have come to associate ‘hoodies’ with yobs and louts. Unfortunately we have a lot of CCTV cameras so the trouble makers use their hoodies to disguise themselves from the cameras – but there criminality of what they get up to gets shown on TV, hence the fear they induce – irrespective of the reality.

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