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An idea came to me, doesn’t quite work like this – needs consistent lighting, exposure, wind speed, clouds, maybe a tighter framing.  But what is clear from the full size images – those ‘dust bunnies’ need sorting out again.


16 thoughts on “Moments

  1. Stephen I’ve been messing with making a video from stills – with music, whistlees and bells. Your moving transport would go down well – or arther up on youtube. I did mine via Picasa buth there are others likeWevideo

  2. Great idea and way of presenting it. For my money, a few blurred vehicles leaving the frame, on the left, would give a greater sense of movement, like a movie. Keep at it (I don’t think we can see those dust bunnies….)! 😉

    • Thanks for your kind words and suggestions.
      Oh, the dust bunnies are there, they’re just to small in a presentation this size. The sensor cleaning gear will be out again. It’s depressing how the dust gradually builds up, unnoticed until a particularly small aperture is used. Unfortunately my camera has no dust avoidance/removal features and my budget is not likely to supply a new camera for the moment. 🙂

    • I think the basic idea is sound enough as a way of presenting a series of pictures. My idea revolves around some sort of abstract element, hence my motion blur trucks. I think rear curtain flash could open many possibilities. Good luck with it – now you’ve put it down in words, you’ve no choice but to follow it up! 😉

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