Almost like an extinction event for this Ivy – not only a relatively recent butchering of the main stem, but evidence of a much older event of similar nature, in that the ghost of old stems still show on the wall.


12 thoughts on “Ivycide

  1. Well, I’m in the minority here, so I’ll keep my cheers subdued. Ivy is a non-native invasive in these parts, and it took me the better part of four years to completely clear it from our yard; had to do exactly what you show in this picture. *evil cackle* I regret not a moment of it!

    Also, I agree with Truels: the green framing the scene is excellent.

    • Thanks.
      Often, when I’m walking in the woods, I find that somebody has cut through the stems of the Ivy that’s growing into the trees, leaving a horrible decaying mess entangling the trees – though I can understand this practice, to save the trees from damage, it does look an eyesore and discourages birds from nesting in it.

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