6 thoughts on “Standard Solution?

    • 🙂 – you mean you don’t know?… 🙂 I’m not surprised, it’s one of the most obscure things to come up with.
      They are actually at the back of a church organ, being part of the pipe system that produces the notes. I’m not sure why they are fixed in this way but it may have something to do with preserving the resonance of the pipe.
      When I saw it, it didn’t strike me as particularly unusual so I’m guessing I may have seen similar somewhere else – and I’ll have to keep an eye open for the method of securing the pipes in the next church I visit.

    • Church organ pipes. I suspect they ribbon simply holds them in place – in the general course of events I suspect the pipes are supported from the bottom, so the ribbons stop they from waving about – A more permanent fixture may interfere with the resonance of the pipe?

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