24 thoughts on “My Precious, or my only source of power

  1. Hah! I have the same problem, too many remotes for too many diverse devices. It would be great if I could control everything with a tablet device, and stuff all my remotes into a drawer somewhere. 😉

    • Sounds like a challenge – presuming there’s an IR output on a tablet, I see no reason why a whizz kid shouldn’t be able to programme something up – most devices have a specific operational code it would be just a matter of find out what each was?

      • Indeed. I don’t think it would be difficult. Universal remotes have existed for years, and seem to be capable of auto-programming themselves. Give me a Windows 8 app that can do that, and I’ll be a super-happy camper with a single device to control all my other devices. 🙂

      • But will you not lose your source of power – as an app is likely to be somewhat …… ‘dumbed down’ and unlikely to need the intellectual prowess needed to understand the nuances of the separate controls which provide a demarcation between you, ‘the controller’ and them ‘the how-do-I’s ? 😉

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