Words Escaped Me

I’m not sure what this opening/doorway was about  – it didn’t seem to go anywhere.  It may very well have been a guard station.

For the most part, my inclination is to created black and white images from my digital photography of architectural details – it’s generally the subtle interplay of light and shadow that attracts me.  But, this stonework was such a subtle tone I thought I’d produce it here in colour, too – though I will readily admit the soft tones may not come across as on my monitor, especially if our monitors don’t have a similar calibration.  Nevertheless, I hope you can appreciate the delicacy of tone.

What surprised me, was the way my fellow tourists seem to simply walk past the doorway with hardly a second glance – didn’t the see it!



41 thoughts on “Words Escaped Me

  1. Alhambra is full of such wonderful details..
    It takes one a lifetime to thoroughly enjoy it, from architectural, ecological, poetical, philosophical , historical and of course mathematical points view. The fellow tourists might as well have seen things you didn’t notice 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, you have splendid B&W shots.

    • Thank you.
      “The fellow tourists might as well have seen things you didn’t notice” – what me miss something! Nah! 😉
      I think it would be fair to say there were two types of tourist visiting when I was there – people like me, who wanted to take in the beauty, perhaps taking a few photographs as mementos, and others who seemed to own a tick list of places to visit on their holidays, very few just standing and looking. Still, they probably saw more sites overall than I did on my vacation.

  2. I think the color version works better, especially, as you say, for the subtlety in the stonework (which is beautiful, by the way). To my eye the rougher (or faded?) surface at the back of the opening is distracting in the b&w pic, whereas in the color it seems more a contrast of textures.

  3. This looks extraordinary (where is it, by the way?) – If there is a lot of this beautiful work maybe the other visitors had simply overloaded. I find it difficult to stay focused around an entire stately home myself, still less a palace – kind of optical indigestion!

  4. The monochrome image, not surprisingly, speaks volumes more than the natural color one. It seems to have a story to tell. I’ve always felt that almost every old building or monument that I’ve visited has wanted to strike a conversation with me about itself, its history and its place in the contemporary world.

      • I suspect, in evolutionary terms we saw light and shade before we saw colour.
        Also, I wonder if those over a certain age will have been indoctrinated in looking at black and white photographs.
        All I know is, it’s easier to work in straight black and white than colour (don’t have to worry about colour balance!),

  5. it is beautiful architecture, both the black and white and colour are great photo’s, theccolour having adding warnth. It reminds me of a mirhab- the imam calls to prayer,when the prayer is called into it, the sound is amplified. your going to tell me it is something totally different 🙂

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