Cathedral/Mosque of Cordoba

Just a few images of the Cathedral/Mosque of Cordoba.  Unfortunately, they wouldn’t let me use a tripod, not even when I offered to pay a fee (which might be the option at other sites I’ve visited).  Apparently, there was a fear that tripods might mark the marble floor – not sure whether that might be from scratches by steel tipped feet or black marks from rubber feet.

Another place of fantastic workmanship.


14 thoughts on “Cathedral/Mosque of Cordoba

  1. During my last visit, I got around the problem by putting my camera on the floor with a rolled up cloth bag propping up the lens to the right angle and then using the self-timer for a delayed shutter release. It worked OK but as it was quite busy, I got lots of shots where people had walked in front of the camera.

    It’s a pity about the no tripods rule, it’s a stunning building.

    • I suspect that had I gone prepared with felt soled bootees for my tripod they wouldn’t have accepted that either.
      Of course, I ignore the possibility that there may be a safety issue too – while people are gawking at the wonders, they seldom look where they are putting their feet. With the subdued lighting exposures would probably be quite long as photographer go for depth of field over shutter speed.

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